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About Us

Final Touch is all about granting you the products that make you feel good about yourself! The company was founded on April 2014 by Zeyad Alsuwaidi. He had a vision to sustain quality and offer only what the clients wanted. Despite being in the business for only a year, we have successfully secured a position in the hearts of our clients. We want to help them; we want to make their lives better!

Our number of products offered to our valued customers includes customized promotional gifts, customized printing services, customized acrylic products, laser engraving and cutting services, UV printing and silk screen printing. From offering printing services for your mugs and T shirts to making your USB drives look pretty; our printing and customization services are of premium quality. We are here to make you feel good about everything you own or everything you gift to someone. What could be better than owning everything that is personal and unique? How about gifting your friend a mug of both of you? There is nothing that compares to the thought of gifting someone something special. Be thoughtful about your friend’s gift today!

We treat our customers with respect and honor. We believe they are the reason why our brand has reached a successful point in such a short duration. Keeping the quality top notch and offering everything in reasonable prices, we promise to sustain quality and make our customers happy. There is nothing that is more enjoyable than owning accessories that are just yours, and precisely in accordance with your personality.

Final Touch is where your vision is made concrete. Own something unique, gift something personal and be a little different about accessorizing with our printing and engraving services